Chlorophyll is inspired from the works of old diaries of Charles Darwin, as Neoska is not complete without the passion of the past.


Season Zero

It rises from the effects of climate change and the transient boundaries between seasons, especially in the current scenario.


The New Order (Limited Edition)

THE NEW ORDER ascends from the ruins and a new beginning with it.


Austère AW 19

It is an unusual joy to perceive powerful people. Real power is about capturing the minds of individuals.


The Lance Coat

The Lance Coat is an embodiment closest to the spirit of Neoska.


Neoska: Essence

From the walks of liberty to the revolution of women’s rights, we are an heirloom of freedom existing before the birth of the goddesses, an unsculpted statue of femininity.

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Oh, what it is,
That you crazily seek.
The day is bleak.
There are skies,
In Liberty’s eyes.
Oh where it is,
The young sun.
The day land was spun.
It rains in her tears,
The world faces their fears.
Now I know that there are skies in Liberty’s eyes
- Neoska

Le Journal