Exploring the ethical ways of procuring silk

Those who want to find excuses will find one. Those to want to bring a change will become one. Ahimsa silk made silk a symbol of luxury not violence. it is a peaceful silk, a creation of patient beings. patience is a powerful thing, it can change the course of many lives. In Ahimsa Silk, the cocoons are used once they are vacant, and the worms have hatched. it recycles the shredded cover of an inspirational process which depicts change. It gives that structure a chance to be a part of another powerful change. Ahmisa silk appeals to ideals of veganism, Hinduism, janism and Buddhism. Ahmisa shares all the qualities of normal silk, it regulates body temperature and preserves body heat in cold weather. Silk is a breathable fabric, it keeps you cool in the hot day and warm in cold nights, it can absorb a lot of water before it makes you feel wet. Although ahmisa silk far exceeds normal silk in morals.