The Principles from the Past

Neoska Paris

Once upon a time, a woman was lost in the woods. The period is not clear, somewhere between yesterday and the big bang. You can say that a lot of time has passed and too little.

From the depth of caves, human emerged and preached. They hunted and cried, they prayed and practiced if you notice closely we still do. A lot of dust has settled indeed. Cave paintings have turned into projections. Animal hides have been constructed into well-formed shoes and corsets. Raw Fabric has turned into high collars and huge hats. There has been a lot of progress since ancient times. But I’m not so sure that we have developed in fashion since vintage. Today the style in everyday shimmers rarely. The conscious emotion in crafting and perfecting each garment seems stuffed underneath labels. The focus and effort spent on every little design detail are replicated in factories of modernity. The luster of creation and originality found in the memory of Jacques Fath and Gabriel Chanel is rusting in the ideals of distraction. Even in ancient Egypt, they were able to build pyramids, undistracted ambition is the fastest way to grow. Time is the god, it is the creator and the destroyer.

With time we have become the supreme creatures of the earth. Many species are extinct because of our status. We have distorted the earth. Plagued it with climate change, global warming, and toxics. Values have also transformed from the revolutions of equality. What about the freedom of animals, freedom to march in their habitats, fly in their sky. Why has fashion evolved only in its machinery and exiled its soul? Values are one of the most important aspects of knowledge. Freedom for animals to live and welfare of nature maybe the notions of tomorrow. But, we want to empower this voice before it’s too late. Today a plant burns, tomorrow a forest will.