She In The Street

Neoska Paris

I was walking to my office like every day, stuck on that same path with the same people. I was caged in a time loop. With every new morning, I wanted to break free, more than the previous day. I could only imagine the day of freedom. Few more months I said to myself, that is when I burst into a man ‘I am so sorry’ he was lost, the only action he seemed to perform was to look at the other side of the street in awe. I turned to see what he was looking at and I just caught a glimpse of mystery. I started walking backward to have a good look, I saw a woman in a long overcoat ambling with her head held high. Everyone is silent, only the voice from her heels is ticking like a clock. A million eyes gaze at her and she walks on without hovering her eyes back at those turned faces.

Her powerful coat taps the ground, her appearance covers us in ambiguity. Everyone one has moved out of her way, not because they are scared, but her presence is a compliment. While her aura is filled with belief, her smile is like a form of art, it fills you up with all kinds of emotion. To me her existence was an amalgamation of everything, still, she carried her neutrality beautifully. The boulevard is blessed, we can see it as the flowers behind, bow at her pastel passion. She moves elegantly, not even a fool would think of it as a delicacy. We all wait patiently as she digs her arrow sleeve into her pocket. She took out her old pocket watch, I couldn’t help but think ‘was it her mother’s’, a woman of value – “No a warrior of ethics”. Her timeless watch and her ageless beauty. She looked up and disappeared into the realm of herbal potions called tea. People have experienced love, at first sight, that day I fell in inspiration at first glance. I went to my office and resigned. That was the day I broke free from the loop. That day, I saw Artemis from Mount Olympus.