The Act Of Accentuation

Neoska Paris

At the end, all that matters is, what you have created. When I say created, I mean how you have touched people and influenced their life. People will remember you through the smiles and the optimism you have spread.

Emotions are all that matters when all the material things fade away. Once a crack shatters through your mask, breakthrough instead of repairing it. Once you tear through, embrace every little detail within and outside. Outside the altered reality of your mask.

Let the monotony of everyday life fall into pieces. When you understand what truly matters, your true dreams will slowly turn into reality. Arrogance will kneel In front of your kindness. Everything will change dramatically. You will become the image of your own spirit. You will fall out of the crowd, out of a mob following some unknown leader. Always remember to highlight your personality.

Recreate into your true identity.

Take your mask off.

Leave the conceptions behind and take off.

When you elevate above domination.

You will become the statue of accentuation.