Only a few wake up with a smile,
with a desire to commence the day.
The rest call it helplessness,
only if they knew it was choice,
to enjoy life.Those who are at the mercy of the hollow.
Neoska is the deep emotion of insurgency, in every one of you, when you witness an atrocity.

It is the rebel in you when you see inequality
when you can only find cruelty
and you clench your fist,
and sometimes that rebel overcomes you,
and you scream,
and you cry,
and you become a part of a struggle.
A cause that made you scream.
Neoska is the deep emotion of insurgency.
it is the rebel in you.
it is the spirit that breaks into shrieks.

When I wake up there will be a new day. Neoska waiting for me.
Neoska believes in legends. We believe in dreams.
A lullaby of tomorrow inspired from the blood-sweat of past.
A moon river that flows through ideas and time.
It believes in the day that dreams and the night that works.
it believes in your vision.
believe in you, that when you wake up you will build a new day.

Neoska is waiting for you to wake up.

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