From the walks of liberty to the revolution of women’s rights, we are an heirloom of freedom existing before the birth of the goddesses, an unsculpted statue of femininity. Neoska Paris is an Ethical luxury brand founded in 2017 in Paris, France. We believe in simplicity and minimalism. We are inspired by the Vintage and We wish to empower women and embrace their soul as well as body. We are not just aesthetics, we are an idea. An idea, whose existence is a free bird, called spirit. A woman who is an inspiration of power and elegance.

Progression is not always about learning new things. Progression is about never forgetting the old desires, that discovered the world of today.We experiment with styles, values and not trends. We are modernity in a vintage shade.

We are a sign of a rebellion against environmental pollution and cruelty towards animals. “Empowered Nature, Empowered Creations”. Neoska Paris originated from Season Zero. The printemps été19 collection, Chlorophyll grows out of the roots of nature. Transparency is necessary to bring out the revelation. Raw and true emotions can bring a change without embellished restrictions on them, covered sensitive corners of the soul can have an intense impact on identity.

All you need is courage to act upon that revelation.
We are history.
We are Neoska Paris, an heirloom of revolution.

Oh, what it is,
That you crazily seek.
The day is bleak.
There are skies,
In Liberty’s eyes.
Oh where it is,
The young sun.
The day land was spun.
It rains in her tears,
The world faces their fears.
Now I know that there are skies in Liberty’s eyes.