Chlorophyll- Printemps été 2019

Is it the mythical elixir?
A potion that dives in eyes with air of a new found transparency.
Is it the fluid structure?

It’s the thread which is spinned from the nibble fingers of artisans from fiber to yarn. Dyed with the emotion of chlorophyll. It is sewed by hand and needle to capture nature in the fallen leaf of autumn the leaf has lived its life with chlorophyll.

The cycle is on
filling the roots with nutrition to give chlorophyll again.
Burn for the eyes looking for light in the dark.

The water of emeralds was born to give and it did and always will. It gives life and birth to its own destruction with food hanging
on its branches, paper in its pulp, houses in stem, woven in its twigs, and shade under its canopies. The green blood pumps life in the air. The seldom impression of chlorophyll is sustaining.

We scream the innate. When it will bleed from growth to decay, from nature to human, from life to death. We will walk with seeds in our heels. We will be here bleeding to express.

It is the elixir overlooked
It is the potion that gives
It is the goddess
Mother of all
Bleed vague or particular
Bleed green,
creation flows
Life sustains

Neoska is empowered from the green blood that flows through..

Chlorophyll- Printemps été 2019

Chlorophyll is a capsule collection inspired by the clear sky through the eyes of leaves. Chlorophyll is all about nature and how we can be a part of the guardians. We understand the value of every drop of nature’s blood. Everything is nature, and nature is everything. It is the mother of today and future. Animals, us, sky, water and the trees are the few depiction of nature. We realise that, and we work for nature.

Chlorophyll is inspired from botany, from the Veins of leaves which circulate the green blood, from colourful flowers which bloom among the green to show the vibrancy of nature. Our collection will contain a lot of botanical prints, botany is the right frame to show the harmony between humans and nature. It is the right step against the destructive ideologies that hover above us.

We will have floral embroideries because hard work is only represented when it blooms, embroidery is the luxurious craftsmanship. Realistic and watery appliques, free the fabric and mix it with reality. Use of sheer fabrics opens up a crack to create a flow of light. sheer fabrics create a lot of transparency and nature is all about truth, there is nothing hidden behind the fields of nature, it’s always upfront and proud.

Ruching and pleats give shape to fluidity while nature is fluid but it is also structured. While the transparency will draw the vague sky above the reaches of wilderness. The ruching, pleats will show the form of nature, its firm earth from which the stiff stems covered with barks stand tall. Asymmetry creates originality from the influence of asymmetric starry nights and morning clouds. Symmetry shows nature in its leaves and flowers.

We will have innovative silhouettes, a new form of creativity which will be shown in our collars, arrow sleeves and fall like a waterfall. Chlorophyll will be displayed and bathed in the pigments of Neoska white, beige, grey, peach and sepia. We will not use green because nothing is literal even chlorophyll it is green because it reflects green while absorbing other colours.

Poetry is only found in symbolism.
We are pastels, we are neutrals, we are serenity.

Chlorophyll is inspired from the works of old diaries of Charles Darwin, as Neoska is not complete without the passion of the past.

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