Any brand can be summed up in one person, its founder. Neoska is an ideal hysteric electrified in the howl of Neona Skane. Neoska is the representation of her powers but it exceeds her. The terror in this ode is to cast a lightning that will not shatter but commence the rain.

A story always begins with a conflict and so does this one. In this story, the problem is not in front of the protagonist, she is the problem herself.
A lady who refused to fit in the framework of our society. In her childhood, she spent a lot of time on the farms in search of birds and animals. if you listen to her past you will understand her present. She had a journal and a map constantly updated with the locations of nests and plants found and grown by her.
I guess she did not fit in from the beginning and any kid who threw stones at animals had to witness her anger would agree with me. She roamed around with handmade bow and arrows, she was a protector, and now she is a symbol.
People may call her a piece from a different puzzle. Once you meet her, you will realize that she is a puzzle herself, a puzzle that does not want to be bought and fixed by someone else. There are a lot of pieces in this puzzle from art, literature, biology, nature, fashion to the old vintage lifestyle.
Only at a later stage, she would realize that these pieces won’t fit.
She tried her best to bring ethics in moral fashion crisis. She understood that you can not completely change someone to carry the heavy weight of morals gracefully, unless something was specially created to cohabitate those pieces.

This is where the verse from the past surges through. Neoska Paris is an ethical luxury brand born aesthetically under the watchful eye of the wilderness. The route through power, elegance slipping on your skin like the air into the map of growing ethics and rescued birds from guilt in the fashion industry.
She was not a conflict of this story, she was a cause of rebellion.

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