Save the lights for future, tomorrow night there may not be a single star twinkling like your heart beat. Soon it will be found that those who give will be given. The future is unknown and the fear of unknown, knows your greatest fear. All we can do is arm ourselves for that looming terror. Neoska believes in sustainability not because this is a “thing of today”, Because it empowers tomorrow with the emotion of freedom and power. Only powerful beings can think of tomorrow, and still share their resources.
The true seldom self aware impression of a good human being is born in the smile of others. We work towards sustainability by using Eco friendly, Ethical and Biodegradable fabrics and accessories. Tags and each and every paper used in Maison de neoska is recycled from elephant poop, the paper of tomorrow doesn’t cut trees, it weaves our byproducts. Even if the skies go black we will stand tall with the glimmer of hope. Because Neoska is a rebellion against guilt.

Neoska is ethics.
It is evolution

Our Materials

Liva- The crust of Neoska is covered with natures recognition. Liva’s natural fibers are produced from wood pulp, a natural renewable resource. Liva doesn’t exploit trees it grows them for this specific purpose which increases the total greenery. The best way to have a good beginning is to absorb from the finest source and Liva’s fluidity is perfect both in quality and ethics. Raymond techno-smart- A fabric which has a brain of its own and each fiber in it is a neuron. Raymond techno-smart is the fabric of future. Its a complex interwoven body with the simple style focused approach. Phones are getting smarter, technology is getting more advanced with every passing second. It is time for the fashion industry to progress without losing is aesthetics. The four organs of techno-smart (the style of tomorrow) are, UV protection, even the source of unlimited power cannot harm you. Wrinkle-free, no need to waste time. Smooth luxurious touch, the luxury of tomorrow. Breathability, comfort at its best. Don’t change elegance, upgrade it.

Organic cotton- Organic cotton is the ruler where ever eco-friendly is uttered. The white crown adorned with authenticity. it protects the health of people and the planet. it improves the lifestyle of the farmers, traders, and the consumers. the advantages of organic cotton are not just centered towards the planet, it also improves the quality of your clothing. it is moisture absorbent, and anti-allergic. the touch of organic cotton is the touch of the earth. It takes serenity of mind to remain ethical in cruel times. Ahimsa Silk- Those who want to find excuses will find one. Those to want to bring a change will become one. Ahimsa silk made silk a symbol of luxury not violence. it is a peaceful silk, a creation of patient beings. patience is a powerful thing, it can change the course of many lives. In Ahimsa Silk, the cocoons are used once they are vacant, and the worms have hatched. it recycles the shredded cover of an inspirational process which depicts change. It gives that structure a chance to be a part of another powerful change.

Muskin- When there is an alternative, a way out of chaos and a lifetime history of domination, all you have to do is choose the alternative. Choose Muskin and stop the anguish. Muskin is an alternative to animal leather. It is extracted from a big parasitic fungus that feeds on trees in the wild. Muskin is animal free, VVV+ rated and PETA approved vegan. Muskin is a smooth and 100% toxic free. It is ideal for close to skin applications. It can absorb moisture and all the pain in this unethical lifestyle. Linen- Linen is a natural fiber and a true boon to opulence. It has supported nature and its eco-friendly characteristics since centuries. It is valued for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen is the entrusted heritage of nature.

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