Peace is a feather struck in air, between the liberty above and power below.The times are changing, everything is becoming easier and better. The adversity of nature reckons everything and sometimes it wrecks beauty and grace we wish to retain. Let the time that passes by wash away your problems and discomfort, let our every step towards tomorrow adorn us with elegance and Power. It’s not always the physical strength that measures power. Sometimes it’s pastoral, waveless state of mind in the midst of terror. White walk is a serenity March. We want to build a clan by blurring the line couture and liberty felt in comfort. We amble towards you carrying the walkways of vintage elegance and Boulevard of beauty.
We walk among autarchy and virtue.

We women will stand with each other and leave a peaceful impression over the world
White Walk 2018 – Paris
22nd September
05.00 – 11.00

“Elegance is never about being beautiful. Elegance is always about understanding true beauty”.

“The strongest women are within us, handling all the negativity with a feather of positivity”.

“Grace is like oxygen, it’s everywhere. You just have to release all of the stored doubt to inhale it”.